St John’s pupils have shown their strength, enthusiasm and adaptability when faced with another national lockdown, online schooling, and then the return to school. Despite the national restrictions our pupils have been busy excelling in their learning and in pursuit of their own endeavours, and we are delighted that they have provided us with so many opportunities to celebrate their individual and collective success.

We are proud to share and celebrate the hard work of the St John’s community. Congratulations to the following pupils, who are recognised for their success over the recent months:

  • Ryan Trevitt recently signed a professional contract with Brentford FC, which is an outstanding achievement.
  • Bibi Thompson in Lower School has been selected for U13 Surrey Netball.
  • Josh Phillips wrote a poem, which saw him win the BYMT Write for Winter competition in the 16 – 20 year-old category.
  • Bodhi Schneider-Marsan is in a wonderful new film ‘To Olivia’, which was released on Sky Cinema in February.
  • Tallulah Thompson in Lower School has been fundraising for Maggie’s Centres, a charity providing cancer support across the UK. She ran 50 miles over the month of January, raising money for a great cause.
  • Melanie Ferretti presented via video conference, to Dr Benjamin Drew, the Senior Lecturer: Mechanical & Motorsport Design Engineering. Her presentation was on a 360-design project on the Chevrolet V8 LS3 engine, explaining its history, development and how the engine functions.
  • Zoe Ryan has recently qualified for the 2021 British Swimming Championships & Olympic Women’s Trials.
  • Jack Sumpter achieved the qualification of Master Cadet after a very successful interview; he is the first pupil in the history of St John’s School CCF to achieve this and one of only a very small number nationally who have been able to achieve the same feat this year. Jack was highly praised for his affable nature during the interview and ambitions moving forward after St John’s.
  • Sofia Harding has been selected to represent England at the Karate World Championships in Romania this summer.
  • Matilda Harrison and Skye Hair in Lower School have recently been taking part in the Virtual London Youth Games cross-country competition, for their London Boroughs (Matilda for Richmond and Skye for Kingston). Last year they took part on Parliament Hill, but this year they’ve had to run ‘virtually’ in Richmond Park, recording their own times and submitting them to their borough.
  • We are proud to celebrate our pupils fantastic achievements in the 2021 Rotary Young Writer Competition, the subject matter this year was ‘My Happiest Day’.Intermediate – Caitlyn Durrant (Poetry Winner) Dylan Jackson and Rufus Agambar (Prose Runner Up)
    Senior – Harry Threapleton (Prose Winner) Hannah Wainwright (Poetry Winner) and Esther Winklehner (Poetry Runner Up)
  • Lower School pupil Caitlyn Durrant kept herself active during February half term by entering the virtual Surrey Schools Cross Country and the virtual Castle Series Polar Bear Duathlon.
  • Lower School pupil Sabrina Coppola Johansen ran for Surrey Athletics in February, running 3.2km in an impressive 13.27 minutes.
  • The pupil led Equality and Diversity group presented a thought-provoking and well researched assembly to celebrate #LGBTHistoryMonth and highlight the contributions and struggles of LGBT+ individuals throughout history.
  • The Macbeth Discussion Group, Luc Gamber, Eloise Jansa, Saskia Lawrence, Max Iannotti and Mia Morris who have been praised for their recent work.
  • Upper Sixth pupil George Haymes, who is taking the astrophysics option in A level physics, is a very talented astronomic photographer, and using his very high-tech equipment, he has taken some fantastic photos. On 21 December 2020, he captured an image which brings the closest great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 397 years.  He also used an hour on integration time and 90 second sub exposures, to photograph the northern trifid nebula, over 9000 light years away.
  • Seven of our Lower Sixth physicists recently sat the British Physics Olympiad set by Oxford University. This is a challenging set of problems, for the best physicists across the country. Of the 5,270 pupils entered into the challenge, our pupils’ performance was outstanding! James Glover and Tom Shaw achieved Bronze Awards, Harry Threapleton and Anthonie Krause achieved Silver Awards and a Gold Award was achieved by Kyra Le Quelenec  – who scored in the top 6% nationally!