Welcome to the OJs, the alumni network for former pupils of St John’s.  The OJs are a friendly, active group with a number of different clubs and societies. Whether you want to pursue specific interests, network with fellow OJs, take part in some of our enjoyable annual programme of events, or just keep in touch with St John’s and your peers, we really value the long-standing relationships which OJs retain with St John’s.

We are always keen to hear from OJs – tell us your news, update us on what you’ve been doing since you left school or share your memories about St John’s with us for our archives.  We produce our magazine, The Old Johnian, once a year which gives you some insights into current school news and features news from OJs.  We would be delighted to receive submissions for inclusion at any time throughout the year.

We are also happy to welcome OJs back to school for a visit but please bear in mind that we will need to accompany you around the School site, so we cannot always accommodate this without prior notice.

The Development Office stays in touch with OJs in a variety of ways.  If you would like to make sure you are on our database for updates, please get in touch by emailing development@stjohns.surrey.sch.uk or call us on 01372 373 000.

The OJ Committee

The OJ Committee is a group of active OJs of all ages that can be called upon to help St John’s improve links with the OJ community.

The group contains Governors, representatives of OJ sports and several former OJ Society officers, plus a welcome infusion of new blood from recent leavers, including a member of staff and a former member of staff.  The Committee meets twice a year and is chaired by Mark Cooper (Churchill ‘95).

Current Committee Members

  • Anthony Airey (Surrey ’72)
  • David Birchmore (East ’00)
  • Ted Caplan (Churchill ’11)
  • Mark Cooper (Churchill ’95) – Chairman
  • Richard Francis (Churchill ’57)
  • Patrick Gardner (Surrey ’59)
  • Ben Hepden (Surrey ’95)
  • Viv Jemmett (West ’05)
  • Jasper Lloyd (Churchill ’88)
  • Olly Metcalfe (Churchill ’12)
  • Patrick Noble (Staff 1975-2016)
  • Andy Peake (West ’61)
  • Peter Thorne (Surrey ’62)
  • Bryony Williams (South ’05)

If you are interested in joining the OJ Committee, please contact the Development Office by emailing development@stjohns.surrey.sch.uk.