The house system at St John’s is fundamental to the way that pupils experience school life. They are warm, welcoming, fun places which add to the vibrancy and richness of school life. Our houses create a sense of belonging, provide opportunities for leadership and responsibility, offer a breathing space in the middle of a busy day, are a place to relax with friends and ensure endless chances for inter-house competition.

The structure of St John’s means that everyone has a chance to shine, to discover their own talents and to make a genuine contribution to their school community as part of a tight-knit group of peers. The relationship between the House and home is also special; parents are welcomed into the School community and there is a sense of partnership, made possible by exceptional two-way communication between house staff and parents, which enables us to really know and support each individual child.

When I look back at my time at school, my sense of belonging and the house spirit will forever be what I remember most fondly. Our house is a place of nurturing and growth, and the strength of its family feel helps all who join discover their unique place in the School.

Ben, House Captain 2020-21

Houses are led by a Housemaster or Housemistress, who are supported by tutors and a matron. The Housemaster or Housemistress has overall responsibility for the pupils within their house, while the tutor is the member of staff who pupils see for registration and to whom they can turn with any questions. Matron offers support, encouragement and help with all the day to day practicalities of life from helping to track down lost property, coordinating boarding requirements and lending a friendly ear whenever needed.

For me what makes our house amazing is the vibrant, welcoming and happy environment filled with fun, optimism, compassionate girls, and supportive staff who are always there for us.

Emma, House Captain 2020-21