As the first half of Spring Term draws to a close and our Upper Sixth pupils approach the pinnacle of their academic studies at St John’s, we have been delighted to see this year group begin to receive a fantastic array of offers following their UCAS applications.

The university application process is lengthy, and requires significant time and research. At St John’s we work closely with our pupils throughout this process to ensure they are well informed, have explored the options for their future pathway and are able to make decisions that will allow them to realise their academic and career ambitions.

Upper Sixth pupils have worked hard to submit a high standard of applications and have been rewarded with a remarkable set of university offers so far. A large number of pupils have received offers from the most competitive institutions including four pupils gaining offers from Oxford and Cambridge.

Universities such as Leeds, Exeter, Nottingham and Durham are amongst the most popular potential destinations and with a diverse breadth of subjects ranging from the intricacies of law and economics to the wonders of engineering and psychology, we look forward to the boundless possibilities that lie ahead for each and every one of our pupils.

As the Upper Sixth turn their focus to consolidating everything they have learnt through their A level courses in preparation for their summer examinations, they pass the torch over to our St John’s Lower Sixth pupils who have started their own journey of exploration.