The end of term celebratory Speech Day and prize-giving events always provide a special moment to pause and look back on the success, strength, and spirit of the St John’s community.

The Lower School Speech Day took to the marquee on Thursday 29 June, and saw pupils and staff reflect upon an incredibly fun and busy year of sport, music, drama, charitable fundraising, trips, and academic challenge. The Lower School community celebrated an exciting start to their St John’s journey and spoke wonderfully about the friendships they have formed and their favourite moments.

If I was going to send a letter to my younger self before she chose a secondary school, what would I say? I would say that St Johns is definitely a great choice as it is such a fun, happy place where pupils are challenged and can flourish in a kind and nurturing environment. To me this is what sets St Johns apart from other schools and makes it a great place to grow.


My first year at St John’s has been everything I had hoped for and more.  The Lower School is such a warm place to be and all the teachers, our lovely matron and the Upper Third pupils have made us feel so welcome.  I know we will do the same for the new intake of Lower Third arriving in September and I’m sure we all look forward to lots more learning, activities, fun and memory making!


The academic year at St John’s ended with a spectacular Speech Day on Saturday 1 July. It was wonderful to welcome pupils, parents, staff, and governors to celebrate the year, present prizes, and bid a fond farewell to our departing Upper Sixth.

Alongside awarding end of year prizes with the Chair of Governors, John Willis, the Acting Head, Rebecca Evans, highlighted the incredible breadth of achievement across all aspects of school life. Whether in the classroom, academic competitions, on the sports field or stage, in extra-curricular activities or supporting our local community, there have been a phenomenal number of opportunities for our community to be proud this year.

We gather to share the culmination of dedication, resilience, and unwavering commitment that has propelled your children to achieve extraordinary things this year.

True greatness resides not in our external circumstances, but in the depths of our character and the limitless potential of our human spirit.

Rebecca Evans, Acting Head

School Captains for 2022-23, Daisy and Jacob, spoke fondly of their time at St John’s during their final speech. As we bid a fond farewell to our departing Upper Sixth, the Acting Head encouraged pupils to embrace the end of their educational journey at St John’s and cherish the memories made together, with excitement and anticipation for their next chapter.

It feels like just yesterday when you stepped across the threshold, brimming with curiosity and eager to explore the world around you. And now, here you are, ready to spread your wings and, I hope, soar.

As you step out into the world, remember that you are capable of greatness. Believe in yourself, for you have already accomplished so much. Your dreams are within reach, and with perseverance and hard work, you will make them a reality. Embrace the unknown with open arms, for it is in the realm of the unfamiliar that you will find the greatest opportunities for growth.

Remember to stay true to your values and never compromise your integrity. Be kind to others, for compassion has the power to change lives. Embrace diversity and seek to understand different perspectives. The world is vast and full of wonders, waiting for you to explore and make a positive impact.

Rebecca Evans, Acting Head

We were thrilled to have welcomed James Peach as our guest speaker, whose innovative and adventurous spirit inspired many of the guests in the audience. James spoke passionately about the three lessons he learnt from cycling around the world, and it was interesting to hear how these, combined with the results of his survey where he asked hundreds of colleagues, contacts and friends for the three most important life lessons they wished they’d known when they were in school, aligned so well with the values we hope to instil in our pupils.

We look forward to welcoming our community back in September for the start of the new academic year.