We have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating British Science Week from 13 – 17 March, 2023.

British Science Week is a celebration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This year’s theme is connections, and our Science Department were excited to connect our pupils with science itself, and help them explore many different areas of the broad subject.

British Science Week at St John's 2023

Pupils had a wide array of activities to take part in across the week, from a brilliant Chemistry Escape Lab to designing a laboratory coat!

Lower School pupils took part in the Easter Egg Drop Challenge with real excitement and enthusiasm. Tasked with safely landing an egg from a third-story window to the ground with minimal equipment, pupils worked eagerly together in the hopes of success.

Miss Westall presented a wonderfully interesting library lecture discussing the topic of neurodegenerative diseases, and Mr Kendall spent time amazing our inquisitive pupils with many microscope samples, including the head of a butterfly!

The Chemistry Showcase saw A level pupils taking part in some visually exciting experiments, with flames and colour-changes aplenty, demonstrating to younger pupils the fun of chemistry.

Pupils have been submitting entries for poster and photography competitions and enjoying further challenges and puzzles throughout the week, including making spaghetti and marshmallow towers over 1m in height.

The week closed with The St John’s Science Showdown, which saw staff compete against one another in two teams: The Quantum Mechanics and The Solution Squad! The Showdown attracted a phenomenal audience, who cheered for their teachers with pride whilst they demonstrated their scientific knowledge.