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Health and Wellbeing

It is common sense that pupils will be happier and able to achieve their full potential when they are healthy in body and mind.  We take a holistic view towards the health and wellbeing of our pupils which encompasses all relevant areas of school life.


Our approach to wellbeing is designed to equip St John’s pupils with the knowledge, insights and confidence to cope with the challenges and changes of their teenage years and allow them to reflect on these topics in the supportive environment of the School community.  We integrate themes related to wellbeing into broader aspects of school life so that staff are actively thinking about and discussing topics which are relevant and important to pupils as they progress thorough the School.  From the Lower Third exploring themes of friendship, peer pressure and personal responsibility, to working with Upper Fifth pupils on developing a resilient mindset and explaining the importance of physical health through a good diet, exercise and sleep for the Sixth Form, we aim to address the issues which matter to our pupils. We introduce mindfulness from Lower Third and encourage pupils to be reflective so that they can identify patterns of behaviour and understand their emotions in a thoughtful and self-aware manner.

Food and Nutrition

We place high priority on providing varied, healthy and interesting menus for pupils and staff.  Our catering is managed in-house which gives us control over the quality and range of products. The menu cycle offers a wide range of choice, all dietary requirements are catered for, and the menus take into account requests that come from the Pupils' Food Committee. The committee is well represented across year groups and meets once a term to make suggestions that enable the catering team to keep up to date with the changing palate of pupils. 

The Dining Hall opening times are:

  • Breakfast for boarders from 7.45am to 8.10am. Non-boarders are welcome to have breakfast (small charge) and can choose from: a selection of cereals, yoghurt, porridge, croissants and pain au chocolat, toast, jam and spreads, fruit, grilled bacon, sausage, eggs of the day, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans and beverages including fruit juices.
  • Lunch is served from 1.00pm (or 12.15pm for Sixth Form not in lessons) to 1.50pm on a phased sittings structure. The lunch menus operate on a three-week cycle.
  • Supper is available from 6.15pm until 6.45pm.
  • The Tuck Shop is currently not in action due to Covid-19 safety procedures. It is usually available at morning break offering a selection of hot snacks, sandwiches, drinks and a variety of healthy snacks.

Medical Services

The School’s Health Centre exists to provide medical care for pupils when required, to assist with health promotion and health training in school, to be aware of pupils’ specific health needs and provide emergency care when necessary.  It is staffed by Registered Nurses during term time (8.00am-5.30pm, Monday to Friday) while, in the evening and overnight, house staff are on call for any issues a pupil might have.

Pupils are able to arrange appointments directly with the School Counsellor via phone or email and counselling is provided by a trained, experienced counsellor on a confidential basis. 

Physiotherapists, working in partnership with the School, run clinics twice a week.

Further details on all medical services can be found in the Medical and First Aid Policy on the policy page of this website.

Child Protection

It is the responsibility of every member of staff to ensure that all suspected cases of child abuse – (neglect, physical injury, sexual or emotional abuse) – are recognised and dealt with as quickly as possible. Mr Bass is the School’s Designated Safeguarding Leads to whom all suspected cases should be reported. The Head will be notified if necessary. Every referral is treated with the strictest confidence.

A member of the Governing Body is designated to take a special interest in this area. The School follows the guidelines of sections 27 and 47 of the Children Act 1989 which states that every school has a duty to assist local authorities and Social Services in matters of Child Protection. Copies of the Child Protection (Safeguarding and Protecting Children) and Anti-Bullying policies can be viewed on our policies page.