Over the last few years podcasts have seen a marked rise in popularity, as they have become a fantastic way to engage with news, topics and content whilst allowing listeners to keep busy.

We are delighted to introduce a great new podcast to our community that has been created by our A level religious studies pupils and staff, who have collaborated to produce and present a fascinating new podcast series ‘The Four Pillars Podcast’.

The podcast was initially proposed by Mr Metcalfe, Teacher of Religious Studies, to increase, promote and captivate pupils’ interests within the Religious Studies Department. Talking about the initial idea, Mr Metcalfe explained: ‘In class we run debates and discussions that follow a very similar format to the podcast and that are conducted to a very high level; it therefore seemed only natural that we let others hear it. Furthermore, we have a lot of hugely talented pupils who we felt should and could be placed on a pedestal and shown off to a wider audience.’

Whilst the initial concept for the podcast was proposed by Mr Metcalfe, it has been a collegiate effort to propose a name, find suitable topics and plan and record it. Those involved include the School Chaplain, Reverend Moloney, Charles Bishop (Upper Sixth) and Gwilym Davies (Upper Sixth). Recording the first episode was a huge challenge and getting used to the technology was rather interesting!

In the future, the podcast team are hoping to eventually broaden the podcast to include further pupils and staff who have an interest in the subject matter, as well as opening the floor to our wider community. They also have high hopes of including some ‘guest appearances’ from individuals in the world of theology and philosophy, as well as broadening their listenership. So far, the podcast has a fantastic number of listeners ranging from age 14-60+ from across the entire world. Further episodes will be released in due course, and we hope you will enjoy listening.

Listen to Episode 1, ‘Why have some theologians stood the test of time’.

Listen to Episode 2, ‘How should we make ethical decisions’.