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Our staff - from inspiring teachers to dedicated support staff - are integral to the success of St John's.  

Academic Staff

The Head 
Mrs R C Cole BSc MBA 

Senior Deputy Head
Mrs R E P Evans BSc 

Deputy Head 
Dr E R Laurie BSc MSc 

Senior Management
Mr J B Kidd - Assistant Head(Boarding & Co-Curricular)
Mr A P Mogford - Assistant Head (Sixth Form)
Mrs D J Burgess - Assistant Head (Timetable & Logistics)
Mr M A Sartorius - Assistant Head (IT Strategy)
Mr R Harvey - Head of Lower School
Mr A Bass - Director of Pastoral Care & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs K L Burrett BA*
Miss S L Emblem BA
Mrs N Dewhurst MA 

Reverend C M Moloney

Mrs J V Lane BA* 
Mr O E P Barber BA 
Miss H Bradley MA 
Mr N J I H Burns BA 

Computer Science 
Mr A G Smith BSc* 
Mr T H Davies MPhys 
Mr M Rogers BSc 

Design and Engineering 
Mr S A Tarrant MA* 
Mr A Bass BEd 
Mrs K E C Hill BA (Fellow)
Mr A D Mooney BEd 

Mr J R Garbett BA* 
Ms E D Thyne (Theatre Manager) 
Miss F J Toloczko BA 
Mr O J White

Economics and Business 
Mr J P D Powell (Head of Economics) MSc BA* 
Ms L Pedret (Head of Business) BA* 
Mr J B Kidd MA 
Mr A P Mogford MA 
Miss L-E W Moors MA 

Miss K M Symes-Thompson BA MA* 
Miss E Ball BA 
Mrs H E Hunter BA 
Mr N Johnston-Jones BA 
Mr J C P Kelway MA 
Mrs E Mayes BA
Dr E R J Pritchett PhD MEd BA 
Mrs N M Underwood BA
Mrs J L Vinsen Tell BA (Head of Literacy) 
Mrs R M Williams BA 

Mr T Howell BA* 
Miss J Clarkson MA 
Mr H G C Howarth BSc
Mr S Hughes BA 
Dr E R Laurie BSc MSc 
Mrs A D Rawlings MCGI BSc 
Miss H A Scurr BA (Fellow)

Mr R A Ross BA* 
Miss A C Davies BA 
Mr R Y Goorts PhD MA 
Mr J D Pepper BA 
Mr M A Sartorius BA Msc 
Mr N T Whitmore MA 

Miss F M C Hyde (Acting) BEng* 
Mr G C Bennett  (Deputy) BA BSc 
Mr M W Bawden MA 
Mr S H Blatch BSc Mobile 
Mrs D J Burgess BSc 
Mr A L Currie MPyhs
Mr A T Debney BSc 
Mrs R E P Evans BSc 
Miss C J Jackson BA
Mrs L J Parker BA  
Mr L P Rao MA 
Miss H F Rowell BSc 
Miss S C Westerby-Jones BA 

Modern Foreign Languages 
Miss L C M Elliott (Head of MFL) MA* 
Mrs N Byrne (Head of French) MA* 
Mr R S Sigusch BSc (Head of German)*
Mr O E P Barber BA 
Miss E Gaioni BA 
Mr G D Hicks BA 
Miss J C Michael BA 
Mrs A M Moore BA (French Assistant) 
Mr W T Morgan BA 
Mrs J H Moriya BA 
Mr P W Wright BA 

Mr O J White PGDip BA (Performing Arts)* 
Mrs A K Anderson BA (Music)*
Mr A N Goodwin BA 
Mrs I O M Morgan PGDip BA

Mr J A Thomas  BA MSc* 
Mr M A Sartorius
Mr N T Whitmore

Mr T A Parry (OJ) BSc MSc *
Mr O R Cross BSc 
Mr A Eberlin MSc 

Religious Studies 
Mr O J Metcalfe (OJ) BA*
Mr R J Andrews BA
Mr R J Harvey BA 
Revd C M Moloney BA MA 

Dr P Reilly BSc MA PhD* 
Mrs C Edwards (Deputy) BSc 

Mrs A M Abbott MA* 
Mrs F M Durrant BSc 
Dr C R Fellows BSc PhD 
Mrs C L Moon BSc 
Dr P Reilly BSc MA PhD 

Mr J E L Coote MSc MChem* 
Mr D J Evans BSc MA 
Mr T A Helliwell BA
Dr T R Leonard MSc PhD
Miss M Van Diepen MA (Fellow)

Dr R J Bastin PhD MSc* 
Dr S J Chalk BSc PhD 
Mr T H Davies MPhys 
Mrs C Edwards BSc
Mr M Rogers BSc 

Sports Science 
Mr I W White BSc* 
Mrs A M Evans BA MSC  
Miss K L Goble BA
Miss L E Hems BSc 
Mr C J T Holland BSc 
Mr G D James BSc 

Learning Development 
Mrs J H Chaddock BA Dip (SpLD)* 
Ms B C Carter BSc 
Mrs L S Culm MA BEd Dip (SpLD) 
Mrs B Davies BSc MA 
Mrs J H Moriya BA 

Mrs H C Ascough, Learning Resources Manager* 
Mrs S J Jayesinghe, Learning Resources Assistant 
Mrs S Todd, School Archivist 

Lower School Academic 
Ms L Monroe, Lower School Resident Boarding Parent 

*denotes Head of Department 


Support Staff

PAs and Reception
Miss L C Marriott, PA to The Head*
Mrs L F Mott, PA to Deputy Heads
Miss S J Naughten, PA to Assistant Head (Sixth Form)
Mrs M Pearson, Receptionist (PM)
Mrs A Winsor, Receptionist (AM)

Mrs S A Hunt, MIS Manager and Educational Visits Co-ordinator*
Mrs R M Richardson, Administrative Assistant - Database

Ms J E Evans, Catering Manager*
Mr T Adlington, Catering Porter
Mr R Antunes, Sous Chef
Mrs M Baczek, Catering Porter
Mr B Bassett , Head Chef
Mr G R I Baxter, Chef de Partie
Miss L A Bruce, Catering Assistant
Mr K R Cooper, Pastry Chef
Mr A Deberling, Head FSA*
Ms A J Di Talamo, Assistant Catering Manager - Hospitality
Mr S D Dunk, Catering Porter 
Mr S Favio, Catering Porter
Mr T Gatford, Catering Porter
Miss C L T Holland, Front of House Supervisor
Miss V Laczi, Catering Assistant
Mrs S M Lait, Chef de Partie
Ms O Novicka, Catering Assistant
Mrs E Phillips, Catering Assistant
Mr D G Selyem, Catering Porter
Mr B X Szijjarto, Catering Porter
Mr E J A Tait, Chef de Partie
Mr C Vilagosi, Catering Porter
Mrs G Wills, Salad Chef
Mr J K Wilson, Kitchen Porter
Mr D Wheatley, Catering Porter
Miss J White, Catering Assistant

Mr S R Vine, School Staff Instructor (CCF)

Mr W O Nash, Estates Director*
Mrs J E Chitty, Estates Administrator
Mr C Freeman, Maintenance Assistant
Mr B Shehu, Chargehand
Mr T X Woolveridge, Estates Manager

Mrs S X Thompson, Examinations Administrator

Mrs S E Holwell, Finance Director*
Mrs L Jenkins, Accounts Assistant - Fees
Mrs D C Lawton, Purchasing Coordinator
Mrs J Leggatt, Accounts Manager
Mrs S R Pople, Accounts Assistant (Purchasing)
Mrs L M Sharpe, PA to Finance Director
Mrs R A E Taylor, Financial Controller

Graduate Assistants
Mr M Davies, Graduate Assistant
Miss H Lafferty, Graduate Assistant

Health Centre
Ms S P J Newing, Nurse Manager*
Mrs N Kennesion, School Counsellor
Mrs S K Lockwood, School Nurse
Mrs E Maynard, School Nurse

Mrs C Goble, HR Manager*
Mrs K L Perkins, HR Officer
Mrs A Simmonds, HR Assistant - L&D
Mrs N J Duggans, HR and Compliance Assistant

Mr J A Sawers, IT Network Manager*
Mr J A Brookes, Senior IT Technician
Mr R A S Burnett, AV Technician

Learning Development
Miss M A Thickitt, Learning Development Administrator

Lower School
Mrs A J Freeman, Lower School Matron
Mrs J Morris, Lower School Administrative Assistant

Marketing, Development and Admissions
Mrs A R Kearney, Director of External Relations*
Mrs N M Edwards, Development Officer
Mrs Y P Littlewood, Assistant Admissions Registrar
Miss C M Pullen, Marketing Executive
Ms K Sadler, Communications and Marketing Manager 
Mrs S A Stuart, Admissions Registrar*
Mrs L J Tredwell, Database Administrator

Mrs R Cooper-Smith, Day House Matron - Monty
Mrs A Freeman, Lower School Matron
Mrs M L Grasty, Day House Matron - Hawkins
Mrs D Hayward, Day House Matron - North
Ms G Hillman, Day House Matron - Surrey
Ms L O Monroe, Boarding House Matron - Gloucester
Mrs J Mountford, Boarding House Matron - East
Mrs A B O'Keeffe, Boarding House Matron - West
Mrs J R Sainsbury, Day House Matron - Churchill
Mrs T Smallbone, Day House Matron- Haslewood
Mrs K Young, Boarding House Matron - South

Mrs A N Moore, Foreign Language Assistant
Mrs S Lecointre, Spanish Language Assistant Music
Mrs S L Turner, Music Administrator

Mrs C J Robinson, Operations and Compliance Director*
Mrs S R Graham, Secretary to the Council & Compliance Officer

Mrs C L Upfold, Operations Manager*
Miss J L Baguley, Lettings Co-ordinator
Mr J Carter, Minibus Driver
Mrs M A Cox, Transport Manager
Mr M J Dee, Site Supervisor
Mr R J Elcome, Minibus Driver
Mr J T Foster, Minibus Driver
Mr G E Hall, Assistant Site Supervisor
Mr R J Hengoed, Site Supervisor
Mr C Maughan, Minibus Driver
Mr I R Morley, Lead Minibus Driver
Mr V Payne, Assistant Site Supervisor
Mr J Potts, Minibus Driver
Mrs V J Upton, Operations Assistant

Performing Arts
Miss E D Thyne,  Assistant Director of Performing Arts and Theatre Manager
Mrs S L Turner, Performing Arts Administrator

Mr C P Williams, Documents Manager*
Miss C Hudgens, Reprographics Technician

Mr L-F Dronca, Sports Centre Manager
Mr M A Eddison, Deputy Sports Centre Manager
Mr M J F Hodgkinson, Graduate Assistant
Mr M K Jones, Graduate Assistant
Mr W O Marshall, Director of Hockey
Mrs J D Turner, Administration Assistant - Sports

Mrs Y S Cypher, Assistant Science Technician
Mrs S Foster-Baptiste, Physics Technician
Mrs A R Gambel, Biology Technician
Mr P Glyn, Chemistry Technician
Mrs S J Jones, Art Technician
Miss G X Mauri, D&E Technician
Mrs L A Sperrin, Biology Technician