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Second-Hand Uniform Shop

The SJPA run a second-hand uniform shop for those who want to sell uniform that your child has outgrown or buy good quality second-hand items. We are also delighted to announce we have extended the shop to include DofE kit.

Second Hand Uniform

´╗┐Please note that due to Covid 19 the uniform shop is currently closed. Please email if you have any enquiries or uniform requirements.

The details below are purely for information purposes, for when we are able to reopen the second-hand uniform shop.

Please note we also collect items of uniform that is no longer current and together with several other local schools donate it to Change 1’s Life. This charity supports children in Sub-Saharan Africa and ensures they receive an education.

What do I need to do next?

If you’d like to sell any uniform or DofE kit please contact us at for a seller number. This is for data protection reasons and means you don’t have to rewrite your name and address on each item.

Once you have been issued your seller number, please complete a label for each item you wish to sell. Include your seller number as well as item description (type and size) before attaching it with a safety pin. Stock placed in clearly marked bags can be dropped off at reception or given to your son or daughter to give to their house matron at any time. Items will then be priced, ready for the next sale.

The SJPA will price all uniform items and include them in future sales. Prices are dependent on condition and usually approximately 50% of RRP. Given the wide variation in quality of DofE kit we expect to collect we ask parents to price these items themselves. We will hold specific DofE kit sales in September. 

Proceeds from the sales (75% to the seller, 25% to the SJPA) will be sent direct to your bank account.
The second hand uniform shop sells only current uniform and sports kit. We also accept sports equipment and footwear in good condition and suits (both black tie and those appropriate for Sixth Form use). The shop reserves the right to dispose of uniform which is unfit for sale. 


Due to Covid-19 safety guidelines, we are currently unable to allow visitors on site. 


The uniform shop is situated opposite the CCF store just adjacent to the medical centre.


For enquiries or requirements outside of advertised opening hours, please contact us via email at