Our House System

The house system at St John's is fundamental to how our pupils experience school life. Houses are warm, welcoming places which add to the vibrancy and richness of school life. They create a deep sense of belonging, provide opportunities for leadership and responsibility, offer a breathing space on busy days, and ensure endless chances for fun, friendship and competition.

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Pupils cheering on sports day
Pupils doing yoga

Health & Wellbeing

We know our pupils are happier and able to achieve more when they are healthy in body and mind. We take a holistic view towards the health and wellbeing of our pupils, encompassing all the relevant areas of school life and underpinned by the pastoral care of our house structure.

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Boarding Life

Our approach to boarding is innovative, modern and dynamic and is designed both to cultivate a deep sense of community and belonging whilst also offering the flexibility which suits modern family life.

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Trips & Expeditions

Trips and expeditions feed a passion for adventure and give new insights to different cultures and lifestyles. From student exchanges, cultural tours and challenging expeditions, to trips that take in breath-taking regions such as Morocco, Iceland and South Africa, the opportunities add up to a wealth of unforgettable experiences experienced with friends.

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St John's pupils riding camels on geography trip to Morocco

& Service

Our pupils are capable of great things. From becoming the leaders of tomorrow to contributing meaningfully to the society in which they live, we ensure there is no shortage of opportunity for them to acquire, refine and develop valuable skills during their time here.

St John's pupils in CCF