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Boarding Life

St John’s is a very special place – it is a warm, caring and inclusive community that provides a unique experience for our pupils.  Our approach to boarding is innovative, modern and dynamic and is designed both to cultivate a deep sense of community and belonging whilst also offering the flexibility which suits modern family life.  Our intention is to allow families to create the ‘best of both worlds’ solution which fits with their particular needs and offers the ideal balance between school and home.

Why choose to board?

Boarders can do things that simply are not possible at home. With the availability of excellent facilities and almost constant access to staff, but without a daily commute, boarders can get more done; their days are longer and their weeks are broader.

Boarding allows pupils to develop their strengths and their sense of independence within a supportive community. Boarders at St John’s grow in confidence as they take responsibility for the decisions they make independent of their parents. They live in a close community and it helps them understand that their actions affect others. The experience brings social interaction and the chance to share conversations, thoughts and hopes. Shared experiences and time to be together allows for relationships to grow and develop.

What are the boarding options?

A number of boarding options are available including ad hoc, regular-flexi (one or two nights per week) and weekly boarding. This range allows pupils and parents to experience the additional opportunities and benefits provided by boarding, while still being able to follow interests outside of the School sphere and, most importantly, spend quality time at home with family and friends.

What age groups can board?

All age groups at St John’s can board.  Lower School pupils can board on an ad hoc, or flexi basis (Tuesday to Thursday), while Senior School pupils can board on an ad hoc, flexi or weekly (Sunday evening to Thursday) basis.

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