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13+ Admissions

Step 1: Registering

When: Closing date 1 November of Year 6

To be considered for a place, a registration form and non-refundable registration fee should be submitted to the School by 1 November of Year 6.

A reference will then be requested from the candidate’s current school and they will be invited to attend a pre-assessment in the following January.

Please note that for candidates who have accepted a place to enter Fourth Form from September 2021 onwards, there will be no confirmatory examination (Common Entrance or St John's own assessments).  Instead, St John’s will request a reference in Spring Term of Year 8 from the current school to confirm continued progress and engagement during Years 7 and 8.  All candidates entering Fourth Form from September 2021 who wish to be considered for an academic scholarship will sit the St John’s academic scholarship examination (no candidates will take the ISEB examination).  

Step 2: Pre-assessments

When: January of Year 6 

Pre-assessment consists of an informal interview, a mathematics paper, an English paper and an online abilities assessment. Interests outside the classroom (and outside of school) are valued. Based on a satisfactory report from a candidate’s current school and results of the St John’s pre-assessment, offers of guaranteed places are made in the February of Year 6.

Places must be accepted by a specific date in March when both the Acceptance Deposit and Fee Deposit, as set out in the Fees section, are payable. Upon accepting a place at St John’s, parents are agreeing not to accept or hold a place at another senior school. 

Sample copies of the papers are available here:

Step 3: Scholarship Applications

When: Closing date 15 December of Year 8

St John’s offers scholarships to candidates who demonstrate leadership, excellence in their field and the potential to develop further in their time at St John’s. Criteria and dates of scholarship assessments are detailed on the Scholarship pages. Scholarship applications should be received, together with the appropriate fee(s), by the closing date of 15 December in Year 8.  External candidates applying for a Fourth Form Scholarship must be in receipt of an accepted place to join the Fourth Form the following September.

Step 4: Confirmatory Examinations and Scholarship Assessments

When: February and June of Year 8 

For those attending schools that offer 13+ Common Entrance:

  • ISEB academic scholarship examinations and other scholarship assessments - Year 8, February
  • Common Entrance - Year 8, June
  • Places are confirmed subject to achieving the required standard at academic scholarship.  Pupils taking Common Entrance are expected to achieve 55% or above in all subjects.

For those at a school where Common Entrance is NOT offered:

  • Academic scholarship examination and other scholarship assessments - Year 8, February
  • St John’s assessments - Year 8, February
  • Places are confirmed subject to achieving the required standard in the academic scholarship assessments or St John’s own assessments.


If you have any questions about the admissions process or life at St John’s, please contact the admissions team on 01372 373 000 or at