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OJ Rugby Club

Remember that feeling when you put on the green and white, ran out on the pitch with your team mates, delivered a hard fought win and then celebrated with your buddies over a few pints? If you thought those days were in the past, then think again. You can now get that feeling every weekend by playing for Old Johnian RFC!

Things that will interest you about OJ RFC:

  • We have a squad spanning all shapes and sizes and all standards from 1998 to 2013
  • We have been promoted every year since we reformed in 2012 - we now sit in Surrey 3
  • We tour, yes, we tour
  • We play a game at the School in October
  • We're not scary people, pop along to training on a Wednesday night (at Wimbledon RFC) and find out
  • We have coaches, trainers and a physio (all OJs)
  • We WIN
  • We WIN well

If this interests you, why don't you drop a couple of your mates a line and see if they're also keen. If they are - 'hurrah'! Next step is the BIG one - get in touch.

Even though you don't know us and we don't know you, we share a unique bond in St John’s and we all know Butch. Trust me when I say this, as soon as you spend two minutes with the guys you'll think you've known them for ages.

For more information on the OJ RFC, including fixture lists and the latest results, please visit us on Facebook  or follow us on Twitter.