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OJ Golfing Society

All golfing OJs are welcome to join the Society which consists of all age groups (and handicaps) from recent school leavers to those who left years ago. The golf played is nicely competitive but sociable and fun.

The OJGS was formally established in 2005/6 following surprise being expressed at the time by certain Old Boy opponents that Old Johnians were not more involved in Old Boys Golf. The point was taken and as a first step an application for membership of the Public Schools Old Boys Golfing Association (now known as the Grafton Morrish Association) was made. We are now members along with over 150 schools a number of whom are traditional sporting rivals of St John’s.

The OJGS is a group with some 90 OJs of all ages currently recorded on our membership database. Some of this number are not fully active whilst others, mainly more recent recruits, have yet to become subscribing members -  nevertheless it is encouraging  to be attracting such interest bearing in mind that golf at St John’s is not a major activity.  Apart from holding an annual Society Day, we currently have established annual fixtures against O Epsomians, O Alleynians, St John’s pupils and the Bar GS.  Matches also used to be played against O Lorettonians and O Cranleighans.  At some stage we hope it may be possible either to restore or replace these fixtures.

As a member of the Grafton Morrish Association the OJGS enters a team each year in the Grafton Morrish Trophy, a stableford foursomes competition played off scratch. In the main the OJ team has performed with credit, bearing in mind the standard of play required, and in 2010 and 2014 did well to qualify for the final stages.

For more information please contact the Development Office

2022 Fixtures 

  • Sunday 8 May - Grafton Qualifier (Scratch Team) at Royal Wimbledon GC (Stuart Hibbert)
  • Saturday 14 May v Bar GS at New Zealand GC (Richard Vosser)
  • Sunday 17th July - OJGS Society Day at Tyrrells Wood GC (Andrew Wildey)
  • Saturday 27 August v O Alleynians New Zealand GC (Graham Warren)
  • TBC v The School at Effingham GC - (Dom Higgitt)

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Match Reports 2022

Sunday 8 May - Grafton Morrish Qualifier at Royal Wimbledon GC

Our non-playing Captain, Stuart Hibbert, gathered six players in an attempt to qualify at Royal Wimbledon Golf Club. The sun shone on a perfect day for golf. Pairings on the day were James Smart & Peter Richardson (23), Mackenzie Blair & Graham Warren (19), and Jamie Sutherland & Andrew Wildey (20). We were partnered with Westminster (who may have just qualified!) in a scratch foursome stableford, always, a tough format. Captain Hibbert rallied our players by meeting us at the golf club for some per-round motivation. Sadly our pairings struggled and left many shots out there. In summary there was some excellent golf, some not so excellent golf, some fun, some laughter, some shank(s), and some points but sadly not enough for us to qualify for the finals (62 total points). However, a well deserved pint was enjoyed on the terrace sharing our golfing weaknesses! In 2023 we will try again in hope of qualification. 75-80 points is our target to be in with a chance of qualification - if each group picked up 4/5 more points we would have done it, but golf isn't that straight forward. Thanks to the Captain and the players for supporting the event. We look forward to seeing more lower handicappers joining the Scratch Team to strengthen our squad. The Grafton Morrish website is soon to be updated with information/results etc for those interested in keeping an eye on which schools progressed etc.

Report by Andrew Wildey

Photo: L-R Graham Warren, Mackenzie Blair, Jamie Sutherland, Peter Richardson, Andrew Wildey, James Smart

Match Reports 2021

Tuesday 20 April v The School at Effingham GC 

The annual OJGS vs the School fixture was once again held at Effingham Golf club on Tuesday 20 April. With a full squad of OJ golfers, 4 matches were played against the school in the usual match play format. 

Given the somewhat unusual circumstances we found ourselves in with lockdown and a pandemic, we were all a little out of practice, but it was a lovely afternoon nonetheless. Dom Higgitt and Graham Warren kicked off proceedings in game one but were narrowly beaten 2&1 in a closely fought contest. James Courtney and Guy Davis followed behind and managed a convincing 5&4 victory in their match whilst Sean Kiff and Ben De Forest Brown were the third pairing and unfortunately lost on the final hole. 

Angus Lonsdale and Rich Warren were the final pairing but due to a lack of players for the school their match did not count towards the final result despite managing a victory in their game. 

So it was the School who took the 2-1 win this year in what will hopefully continue to be a well enjoyed event for years to come.

Report by Match Manager Dom Higgitt

Saturday 15 May v Bar GS at New Zealand GC 


After two false starts in 2020 to play the Bar, the match was finally held on 15 May 2021 at the New Zealand Golf Club. An OJ team of 7 - Richard Vosser, Nick Keeley, Graham Warren, Steven Vickery, Dom Higgit, Tim McIlroy and Mac Blair took on the Bar with 9. In true Bar spirit they offered us their extra player, so we could play eight-a-side. In the end, the Bar skipper Patrick Mcmorrow sacrificed himself to play with the OJs. 

As is often the case with the OJs, the team was out of the gate quickly in the morning with Keeley & Vickery setting the tone with a strong 4&2 victory. This was followed by victories  for Warren & Blair, Higgitt & McIIroy and Vosser & Mcmorrow where even a double whiskey at the halfway house for Mcmorrow could scupper the 4th point of the morning for the OJs.

With lunch taken on the Terrace to comply with Covid-19 regulations, less club claret than usual was on offer. However, the little that passed the lips of the OJs still completely changed the fortunes of the team. Two of the afternoon pairings could muster halves McIIroy & Blair and Vosser & Keeley with Warren & Vickery and Higgit & ABM going down.

All in all a satisfying 5-3 victory for the OJs, with a little help from the Bar.

Report by Match Manager Richard Vosser



Sunday 20 June - Society Day 

Twelve golfers attended the Society Day at Tyrrells Wood Golf Club. Ten OJ's and two non-OJ's (with close links to St John's) joined us on a bright and sunny afternoon. We had OJ’s with school-leaving years ranging from 1963-2018; a pleasing sign to see the range of OJ's supporting the society! With many fixtures in 2020 being cancelled it was nice to see some familiar and friendly faces once again. A sandwich lunch (individually plated!) and drinks were consumed before the pairings went out to play 4 Ball Better Ball.

The pairings were: Stephen Vickery/Sam Vickery, Andrew Worboys/Mike Vickery, Dom Higgitt/Will Dabell, Richard Vosser/Angus Longsdale, Andrew Wildey/Peter Edgar, Stuart Hibbert/James Vickery

Stephen Vickery with his son (James) played some not so normal golf and won the event at a canter! If only someone could have remembered what their colossal score was! The course played very nicely and the club was very flexible to our needs. Huge thank you to Andrew Worboys (a Tyrrells Wood member and OJGS Treasurer), who made the event work with the help from the team at Tyrrells. It would have been easy to postpone the event, but we were glad to make the effort on what was a successful day catching up, with some good golf occasionally on display. Here's hoping that the Society Day in 2022 will see increased take up.

Report by Match Manager Andrew Wildey


Sunday 13 June - Grafton Morrish Qualifier at Royal Wimbledon GC

Our scratch players were Stuart Hibbert (Captain), Richard Warren, Graham Warren, Peter Richardson, James Wallace, and James Smart. There is no doubt that the London Area group is one of the toughest in the county to qualify. The OJ team fought hard for every point but came up short this year. We are always looking for low/scratch players to join our pool of players to strengthen the team.

Saturday 17 July v O Epsomians at Effingham GC 

This fixture was postponed as the Old Epsomian Match Manager, unexpectedly. We are hoping to get this fixture in before the year is out.

Saturday 28 August v O Alleynians at New Zealand GC

This fixture was cancelled as the OA team were unable to field a team. A bit of a theme which is starting to impact some of our older established fixtures.

David Glassock

Match Reports 2020

OJGS v O Alleynians at New Zealand GC on 12 September 2020

This match continues to be the Society’s oldest and arguably most popular match. And yet more recently Barry Smart, our Match Manager, has not found it easy to raise the numbers for an 8-man team. The Old Alleynians seem not unduly concerned about the situation which is fortunate. This year was no exception and in spite of a late trawl of members for 2 more players the OJs still only took the field with a team of 6.  However, the OJs fielded a useful team and it was pleasing to see Jon Martyn and Mack Blair amongst them who we had not seen playing much OJ golf recently. The team consisted of David Glasscock (9), Stephen Glasscock (9), Jon Martyn (10), Mack Blair (10), Dom Higgitt (11) and Peter Edgar (15).

Come the day both teams were fully aware that Covid 19 rules had to be adhered to and the Clubhouse was set up to ensure conformity. What followed was a very successful day’s golf against a strong looking O Alleynian team. Playing foursomes all day the OJs won the morning round 2-1 - all close matches. The afternoon was also won 2-1 by the OJs - again close matches, with the overall match result being a 4-2 win for the OJs. Notably Mack Blair and Jon Martyn won both their matches morning and afternoon playing with different partners,  while the rest of the team all won once during the day.

As usual our thanks to the New Zealand Club for looking after us all as well as ever in spite of the limitations imposed by Covid19.  Our thanks also to the O Alleynians who generously allowed the match to be played as 3 pairs thereby sacrificing their 3 spare players who were happy to play a private game amongst themselves.

I think it fair to say that everyone, meaning both teams, enjoyed the day greatly in very pleasant weather. Even I enjoyed it as non playing Match Manager standing in for Barry Smart who unfortunately was not well. We hope he will soon be recovered. 

We must try even harder next year to get a full team together.

Match report by David Scrivens 
Acting Match Manager

Match Reports 2019

OJGS v Old Alleynians at New Zealand GC on Saturday 14 September 2019

The venue for this year’s match was again New Zealand Golf Club.   The weather was perfect with just a light breeze and the course was in fine condition.

The OJ team was represented by Stuart Hibbert, Hugh Gibbs, Jignesh Patel, Rupert Stonebridge, John Wood (a guest and late replacement for Peter Edgar who unfortunately had to pull out at the last moment because of illness at home). The Alleynians fielded a team of eight so it was agreed that there would be three foursome matches and that two of their number would play a singles but not to count towards the match result.

At lunch the OJs found themselves leading by 2 matches won and one match halved.

As usual, the Club provided us with an excellent lunch enhanced by wine and port. Traditionally the previous year’s losing team provides the port. As the OJs lost the match in 2018 at Royal Ashdown Forest it was our turn.

Unfortunately, three of our team could not play in the afternoon which left us with a depleted team of three. We borrowed an Old Alleynian making the afternoon round two matches of foursomes.  

The afternoon was reduced to 14 holes due to time constraints. Sadly, the OJs lost both matches resulting in an overall halved match. A disappointing outcome bearing in mind our lead at lunchtime, but undoubtedly a fair result.

In spite of team shortages everybody enjoyed the day immensely. However, as this is one of our best fixtures we would welcome better support for the match next year with hopefully some new faces making themselves available.

As match manager, I was disappointed that we could not match the Old Alleynian numbers especially as they had four younger players in their team.

Report by Match Manager Barry Smart​​​​


OJGS v Old Epsomians at Effingham GC on Saturday 6 July 2019

On a stunning day at Effingham Golf Club the OJGS played 'the old rivals'. An Old Epsomian team managed by a new match manager, Matthew Sutherland. A drink and a snack on the sunny terrace was followed by three 4-ball matches. We aim for the match to be at least 8 a side but on this occasion the O Epsomians were only able to raise a team of six.

Leading the OJs out were the strong pairing of Stuart Hibbert (h'cap 5) & Dom Higgitt (h'cap 10) playing against the youthful pair of James Taylorson & Sam Ratnage. Stuart being a local member showed his wiley experience, dovetailing nicely with Dom to secure a comfortable win. 

Second out were the Captains. Andrew Wildey playing with Jamie Sutherland (brother of the OE Captain), went ahead thanks to some early birdies. The OE pairing of Matthew Sutherland and Paul Starns (formerly OE match manager when the match was played at Walton Heath) kept in the game with some very solid golf. On the 15th hole the OJs were three up with three to play. This is where Paul Starns took over proceedings, finally holing a 30 footer on the final green for a birdie to snatch a halved match.

Back (Left to Right): Jamie Sutherland, Andrew Wildey, Dom Higgitt
Front (Left to Right): John Foster, Paul Deeprose. 
Absent: Stuart Hibbert who had gone home before the photo was taken!

The last OJ pairing saw Paul Deeprose and John Foster taking Jon Collier, a stalwart member of the OE Halford Hewitt team, playing with his son, Christian (aged 16, a current Epsom College student). We heard that the youngster missed a ten foot putt on the 12th hole to just miss out on a NET Hole in One! However, the game went down the 18th with OJ Paul using the consistancy of John Foster (playing off 8) to play some more aggressive, albeit, slightly wayward golf! They saw the OJs home to a 1 Up win. 

The 2.5 - 0.5 scoreline in favour of the OJs was possibly a little flattering, but deserved. The matches were played in a very friendly and enjoyable manner. A drink or two were shared before heading home for a well earned rest! Many thanks to all the players for supporting the fixture. 

Effingham Golf Club were great hosts for the match and the course was in fantastic shape. We hope the day has given a new lease of life into this revived fixture. Matthew Sutherland and I are in contact to find ways to attract more OJs and OEs to play. The new format of a light lunch and afternoon round at the weekend seems to appeal to some sections of our Society membership.

Report by Match Manager Andrew Wildey


Society Day at Tyrrells Wood GC on Sunday 9 June

It was a disappointment last year that our Society Day due to be held at Tyrrells Wood GC for the first time had to be cancelled because of a clash with the final day of the Ryder Cup. However, there was nothing to stop it going ahead this year, not even the weather which turned out to be unexpectedly favourable. After a certain amount of chopping and changing 16 members came together, a few less than hoped for, for an afternoon of golf preceded by lunch. On this occasion we were very pleased to welcome Alex Kearney as a guest player. A keen golfer, she has recently joined St John’s to work as Director of External Relations and she is keen that we liaise with her in future to advertise and promote our Society.

The format for the day was to be four ball better ball with the better ball stableford score of each pair, off full handicap, to count. The conditions for golf were excellent and some good scoring ensued. Four pairs came in with well over 40 points with Andrew Wildey and Simon Pettman (a Tyrrells Wood member) finishing as winners with an impressive score of 48 points. I meandered round the course in a buggy and watched bits  of all the  games and it was clear this pair were playing really well and picking up any number of birdies. Close runners up were Pascal Sedgwick and Dom Higgitt with an excellent 47 points. Had there been a third prize our veteran pair, Hugh Gibbs and Peter Edgar, with 44 points would have taken it. Alex Kearney, our guest, partnered with Andrew Worboys (another Tyrrells Wood member) also played well for 43 points. In addition to main prizes there were also a number of spot prizes at nominated holes. Pascal Sedgwick won nearest the pin at the short 9th and David Glasscock similarly at the 16th. Nearest the pin with the second shot was won by Nick Presley at the 11th and Stuart Hibbert similarly at the 18th.

All in all it was a successful and very enjoyable day. Tyrrells Wood certainly fed us well and the golf course was in fine condition, and we were very pleased  to be able to hold the Day  there.  Thanks must go to Andrew Worboys for making the arrangements with the Club and to Andrew Wildey for rallying the members to participate. I hope we will be able to repeat the Day next year with maybe a greater turn out.

Report by David Scrivens


OJGS v The Bar GS at New Zealand GC on Saturday 18 May

After last year’s victory over the Bar, the OJs were keen for more success in 2019. At least it seemed that way, with the full side arriving at the Club at least an hour before first tee off

First off Rob Harradine and Ben Hepden were a little nervous with the weight of responsibility of leading out the team. They needn’t have been as the old cricketing comrades gelled instantly putting significant pressure on the Bar pair ending up 2&1 winners. Next came Sean Kiff and Andrew Mott, both newcomers to OJ golf, who also suggested they were concerned  with the weight of expectation; but with a first tee shot straight down the middle, they immediately took control of their game, chalking up another point for the OJs. There were no such nerves showing with Gibbs and Vosser, having played many times together in the past they knew each other’s games and calmly posted a controlled a 2&1 victory.

With the OJs having to cope with a last minute absence due to illness Liam Clarke, also new to OJ golf, had to take on his opposing pair single-handed while Tristan Mcillroy  played a singles in the final game of the morning. Both are good low handicap players and despite each giving away a significant number of shots still emerged victorious.

This would leave the OJs  leading 5-0 heading into lunch. Now as we all know the OJs, for some strange reason,  often seem to struggle after lunch, meaning that in the afternoon  many a winning position has been given away. On this occasion lunch would be a particularly special occasion with both sides paying tribute to Paul Norris, instigator of the Bar v OJ match some 14 years ago,  who would be retiring as match manager of the Bar side. Very generously  Paul treated the assembled teams to a glass of Champagne to mark the occasion. The champagne also lead to the rash agreement between Captains that the afternoon matches should be played for double points.

In terms of the play lunch had the desired effect in that the OJs would lose one match,  Tristan Mcilroy narrowly losing a single, halve two  with Ben Hepden and Hugh Gibbs Gibbs and Richard Vosser and Liam Clarke Clarke narrowly missing  puts on the last green.  This left Sean Kiff and Andrew Mott to win the final match to keep their 100% record on the day.  So this left the OJs with 9  and The Bar with 4 points and a comprehensive victory but more importantly it had been a very enjoyable day with the New Zealand Club as ever providing a splendid lunch and a golf course in great condition.

Report by Match Manager Richard Vosser


OJGS v St John’s School at Effingham GC - Saturday 23 April 

It has become customary for the match against the School to be the first of the OJ golfing season and played, as usual in recent years, at Effingham GC. Andrew Wildey, who had taken over from Humfrey Malins as Match Manager, raised a mainly young side with a good spread of handicaps. The School team was also on the young side with William Marshall, their Master i/c, coming in as replacement for a late withdrawal. To cut a long story short the whole match turned out to be a wonderfully close encounter.

OJGS v St John's Apr 2019
Waiting on the 1st Tee: L-R Buster O’Callaghan, Andrew Wildey, Richard Vickery, Will Marshall
The School won the first match with William Marshall and Buster O’Callaghan (aged 14 off 5 handicap) winning 1up against Andrew Wildey and Richard Vickery. The next two games, Dom Higgitt and Tim Mcilroy against Joe Moss and Will Payne, and Paul Sedgwick and Sean Kiff against Samuel Davis and Ryan Hanratty both ended All Square.  So the outcome of the match rested on the final game with Hugh Gibbs (the oldest member of our Society) and Simon Barrett just getting home on the last green against Callum Gordon and Mark Warner to leave the overall result as – match halved 2-2.
Both sides would agree it was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and the conversation over a light snack after golf reflected a high degree of enthusiasm. Naturally, we hope that members of the School side will make a point of remembering the match and will not forget to join the OJ Golfing Society when they leave St John’s.
Once again, we were very grateful to Effingham GC for hosting the match  and also to Trevor Lonsdale (the Club member i/c Junior golf) for all his assistance in making the arrangements with the Club.
Report by David Scrivens


Match Reports 2018

OJGS v Old Alleynians at Royal Ashdown Forest GC – Saturday 30 June

As the New Zealand GC was unable to accommodate the match this year, it was played at Royal Ashdown Forest GC,  as a one off, with a view to returning to the New Zealand Club in 2019. Barry Smart, our match manager, raised a strong eight man side, including three of our Grafton Morrish team and another potential member, Alex Annetts, playing his first match for the Society.  As Barry was going to be on holiday at the time of the match Hugh Gibbs, with assistance from David Scrivens, took over as team captain on the day. It is fair to say that Barry had some difficulties this year finalising his side due to unavailability and late cry offs.

As it was such a hot day, it was decided that the result of the match should be decided on the morning round because it was likely a number of players would not want to play after lunch. Sadly the OJs lost the morning 3-1 which of course meant that they would not be in a position to claw some points back in the afternoon. For the record our first pair of Peter Richardson/James Smart lost a really tight match by 1 hole while the second and third pairs of Stuart Hibbert/Alex Annetts and Peter Edgar/Dom Higgitt both  lost by  4 and 3. By common consent all three Alleynian pairs played unnecessarily well! It was left to the old men of the team Hugh Gibbs and David Scrivens to record our only win helped to some degree by their opponents having a difficult morning!

After a very welcome cold buffet lunch it was clear that one or two of the Alleynian players  were happy to call it a day. Team captains each put  two pairings together over lunch for the afternoon and two foursomes ventured out to play as many holes as they pleased in the heat.

By general consent Royal Ashdown laid on a  very enjoyable day which all concerned appeared to enjoy especially the stunning views from the top of the course on such a clear day. We were grateful to the Alleynian captain, Duncan Anderson, for providing the port at lunch which should technically have been provided by us as last year’s losers! We must remember to rectify the position next year.

Report by David Scrivens

OJGS v the Bar GS at New Zealand GC – Saturday 19 May

In a celebration of sport fit to grace the Royal Wedding the OJs took on the Bar at the New Zealand golf club on 19 May. After last year when we were 4-0 down at lunch, the OJs were justifiably nervous as they assembled at the Club over coffee and the customary bacon bap.

They need not have been as, in perfect weather, all the OJ pairs took early leads, which they would not relinquish. So by lunch the OJs had won 3 out of the four matches and halved the fourth. At 3 1/2 to 1/2 the OJs lunched well on Pimms, Chablis and Claret and unfortunately this showed in the afternoon performances, with the Bar apparently being able to handle their lunch much better.

Luckily the top pair of Ben Hepden and Tristan McIllroy managed to hold on for a rare afternoon win, leaving the OJs victorious 4 1/2 to 2 1/2. Congratulations to the OJ team of Rob Harradine, Ben Hepden, Tristan McIllroy, Stephen Norris, Stephen Vickery, Richard Vosser and Andrew Worboys. Worth mentioning that what would normally be a 10 a side match was reduced, due to disappointing availability and late withdrawals, to 7 a side. It was generally accepted that the clash with the Royal Wedding and the Cup Final was mainly to blame. We were grateful to the New Zealand Club for their understanding and for laying on, as ever, an excellent day.

Report by Match Manager Richard Vosser

L-R: Stuart Hibbert (Captain), James Wallace, James Smart, Richard Warren, Andrew Wildey, Peter Richardson

Grafton Morrish Qualifier at Royal Wimbledon - Sunday 13 May

The OJ team arrived at Royal Wimbledon feeling confident for the Grafton Morrish qualifier (public schools golf championship). We narrowly missed out the previous year by only one point  with a combined total of 75 points. This year on paper we had as strong a team as we have ever put out with all players having handicaps 1 to 5. The format is scratch stableford foursomes, which is a tough format on a tricky course with lightning quick greens. First out for the OJ’s were James Wallace (hcp1) and Richard Warren (hcp3) our strongest pairing handicap wise, but sadly they found it tough going and came in with 23 points.  Second out were James Smart (hcp5) and Peter Richardson (hcp5) and they started well being only 3 over par on the front nine, but the course fought back at them and restricted them to a total of 25 points.  Last out were Stuart Hibbert (hcp5) and Andrew Wildey (hcp 4) who really struggled at the start having only 3 stableford points after 4 holes, and they were lucky to finish with 21 points. Sadly our combined total score of 69 was well below the 76 points we needed to guarantee qualification.

 We are always on the look out for younger and better players! We have discovered Tim Mcilroy (no relation to Rory apparently) who will join the team next year and Alexander Annetts looks like a very good prospect for us, and Simon Daniell. We would be delighted to hear from any other OJs playing off 5 or lower to aid in our quest to qualify once again.

Report by Team Captain Stuart Hibbert

L-R: Humfrey Malins (OJ Match Manager), Jason Gabb, Angus Lonsdale, Ross Adams, Rob Harradine and David Scrivens (Chairman OJGS)

OJGS v St John’s School at Effingham GC - 24 April 2018


The annual OJ match against the School was once again played at the Effingham Golf Club. As usual the preferred format of play was four ball better ball matchplay. A cold wind and occasional light drizzle did not prevent some excellent golf being played by both teams and all four matches were closely contested.

First out were OJs Andrew Wildey and Richard Vickery who came through winners 3&2 against Luca Williams and Master i/c Claude Cox (who dropped his mantle of classics master for the afternoon to fill in for the School!). In the next match playing  for the School, Ben Howe (off a handicap of 3 - quite magnificent!) and Jamie Hewson beat OJs Jignesh Patel and Pascal Sedgwick by 1up in what turned out to be a  gripping encounter. In the third match OJs Dom Higgitt and Peter Edgar overcame James Paton and Alistair Blair by  the same close margin and it was left to the final OJ pair Jason Gabb and Rob Haradine to seal victory with a 4&2 win against Angus Lonsdale and Ross Adams.

Without doubt this was an enjoyable match and played in the best of spirits with the few spectators being treated to an array of excellent shot making from both teams. It was heartening to see a number of new, young OJs playing and helping to make the OJ team a good blend of youth and experience. Refreshments were enjoyed afterwards. Special thanks are due to Claude Cox from The School for assembling and organising such a well balanced  team  and also to Johnian parent and member of the Effingham Club, Trevor Lonsdale, for all his hard work and support in making the afternoon such a success.

Report by Match Manager Humfrey Malins