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Team Spirit

The St John’s house system is at the heart of school life.  Our houses not only provide a welcoming, home-from-home space for day and boarding pupils, they add an extra dimension of fun and friendship. Opportunities to lead, represent and support their house gives each pupil the chance to shine and to discover their own talents, whilst contributing to their community.

Inter-house competitions take place throughout the year and provoke friendly rivalry, a deep sense of loyalty and team spirit. So far during this academic year, an interesting array of competitions have tested our pupils’ creativity, their intellectual debating ability and their sporting talent. 

North House were triumphant as winners of the Fourth and Fifth Form debating series final, with all pupils involved were commended for demonstrating their well-researched, passionate and clear arguments. To close the Sixth Form debating series, a fantastic final debate was held between Haslewood House and East House. The hard work and detailed investigation that had gone into the well-executed speeches and rebuttals was clearly evident and East House took first place.

Runners from Churchill, East, Monty, North, Surrey and West Houses braved the cold to compete in the inter-house cross-country relay race at the beginning of February. Five competitors from each team completed 2km laps of the local woodland landscape in Leatherhead, with North House taking the victory!

Before the end of Autumn Term, house rugby and hockey took place over several days, with closely fought matches and fantastic support from the sidelines. The victorious teams in hockey were Haslewood House for both Senior A and B competitions, South House for Fourth Form and Gloucester House for Fifth Form. In the rugby results, East House won both the Senior Contact and Fourth Form competitions, with West House winning Senior Touch and Fifth Form rugby.

The annual programme of house competitions begins with one of the most popular: House Singing. Pupils from every house set out to impress adjudicator Mr White, Director of Music at RGS Guildford. The results of the Part Song saw Haslewood take first place with their performance of ‘Crazy’ (Gnarls Barkley).  Following the Part Song, each house then performed with all pupils, with Gloucester House winning with their rendition of ‘Be My Baby’ (The Ronettes). Also in Autumn Term, the annual House Film Awards took place. Each of the nine houses produced, performed and edited their own short film and Churchill won the coveted 'Best Picture' award.

There is still much to look forward to in the inter-house competition calendar, including the House Pancake Race!