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Settling In and Making Friends

They say time flies when you are having fun and, as we approach Spring Half Term, that certainly seems to be true in Lower School.  It feels like no time at all since the beginning of September when an eager new Lower Third year group joined St John’s. They arrived in the uncharted territory of senior school with newly bought shoes, fresh uniform and full of smiles, ready to learn a host of new names, faces and locations!

Since September, the Lower School pupils have been incredibly busy with an array of activities, lessons, musical performances and sporting achievements. St John’s is a warm, welcoming community and both staff and older pupils have played important roles in helping younger pupils settle in. With good humour, enthusiasm and a willingness to try new things, this most recent cohort of pupils have integrated seamlessly into the busy and fulfilling St John’s life. 

We spoke to the Lower School pupils to find out how they were enjoying life at St John’s.

“I have a group of amazing friends, and the Lower School community is great!” – William

“I learn something new every day!” - Hannah

“My first term at St John’s has been magical, all the teachers are so polite and kind. They always understand us.” – Tajah

“From the first day we have instantly made lifelong friends.” - Kitty

Some enjoyable highlights from the first half of the academic year for Lower School have included a trip to Land and Wave in September, when all Lower Third pupils spent three days in Dorset camping, team building (with raft-building on the beach being a particular highlight!), competing in a mini-Olympics and getting to know each other and their tutors better. Other adventures range from sporting and geography trips, enrichment days, boarding trips and, on the last day of the Autumn Term, a day of ice skating, hot chocolate and games at Hampton Court.

Not only are we astounded with the fantastic friendships and sense of community the pupils have formed, we are delighted to have seen an increase in demand for boarding as pupils wish to spend more time with their newfound friends!” – Richard Harvey, Head of Lower School

In the classroom and on the sports field, the Lower School pupils have already shown their ability and potential.  Mr Harvey has been pleased with the significant number of bronze and silver certificates already awarded for credits and from the pool to the netball court, the sporting successes are mounting up. Pupils from Lower School have also made a fantastic contribution to the cultural life of school this half term, with a number of impressive performances featuring in lunchtime recitals and other events.  With rehearsals already underway for future events, we can look forward to more musical and dramatic talent on display later this year. It has been a very positive first half of the academic year and we hope the hard work, happiness and friendship continues throughout each pupil’s time at the School.