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Exploring The Coast

Lower Fifth geography pupils enjoyed a day in the warm September sunshine on Tuesday 25 September as they completed a coastal fieldwork trip to Seaford and Cuckmere beach.


The two locations were chosen as areas to collect data for field research, which will contribute towards the pupils GCSE geography studies.

The pupils visited Seaford beach front to create field sketches and learn about the coastal environment. Seaford is a location that has been very heavily influenced by the sea and is at risk from coastal erosion. For half of the day, the pupils investigated how the coast has impacted upon people and their lives.

Cuckmere beach provided opportunities to put in to practice sampling strategies learnt in lessons. Pupils spent time examining the beach angle and beach sediment in transects. This element of fieldwork included collecting data on the size and roundness of beach sediment.

Following this trip, pupils will now use the vital data they collected to form a report, which is essential for developing their studies, and a great reference when revising for the exams in the Upper Fifth.