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Stellar Senior School Performance

The first drama production of the academic year, ‘There Is a War’ – by BAFTA nominated writer Tom Basden, saw pupils from Lower Fifth to Upper Sixth lead the cast in a dark comedy about the absurdity and savagery of war. The Performing Arts Centre was filled with supportive family, friends, staff and fellow pupils throughout the performances on Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 December.

Visitors to the performances were greeted by the impactful set design, recreating the blasted landscape of this war which juxtaposed effectively with a pre-show comic routine devised by the cast that served to introduce the world of the play.

The play follows Anne Croft, an army doctor who finds herself lost and abandoned in a battle-scorched wasteland, desperate to find her way to a hospital and those most in need of her help.

Along the way she encounters dance teachers, colour-blind troops, entertainers and anti-war tradesmen.  The cast was completed with three music scholars forming a marching band, whose rendition of ‘Pack up your Troubles’ became ever more comically distorted and warped as their instruments gradually disintegrated across their various appearances.   

When Anne finally finds a hospital she finds herself caught in a whole new epic War of the Wards; a climactic finish featuring the whole cast. 

This Senior School Production provided great comedic value with excellent performances provided by the stellar cast. A lot of hard work, dedication and preparation went into this production and we are very proud of what the pupils have achieved. Head of Academic Drama and Director of the production, Mr Garbett, said “In what is a challenging play, the cast rose to the occasion delivering sharply defined characterisation and excellent comic timing.”

We look forward to an exciting term ahead with rehearsals in full swing for the School Musical.