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Pupils Take the Lead in Anti-Bullying Week ​​​​​​​

Anti-Bullying Week 2018 is taking place across the nation from the 12-16 November and pupils at St John’s have been leading assemblies and house discussions on what this important topic means to them. Respect, tolerance and kindness are at the heart of the pastoral care at St John’s and pupils discussed the extra ways they could develop their thoughts, behaviours and actions within the School community.

On Monday, pupils and staff were encouraged to take part in ‘Odd Socks Day’ by wearing either odd socks or odd coloured nail varnish for the day. The national campaign aims to celebrate individuality and the fact that everybody is unique and was a light-hearted way of making an important point.

During assemblies, Prefects spoke of the importance of appreciating and respecting people’s differences. St John’s is, in its entirety, a close-knit community but within that wider community, pupils belong to smaller groups, whether this be in house, sporting activities or in the classrooms. Our pupils discussed how vital it is that all these communities understand they have a duty to look after one another, to be inclusive and to be supportive.

Wellbeing sessions focused on pupil-led activities to explore what the word ‘respect’ meant to them in three elements – respecting their own needs, the needs of others and having respect for their surroundings. The results of these discussions were thought provoking and gave an insight into how pupils want to further develop anti-bullying messages across the School to ensure that every pupil feels that they are part of the community both in and out of the classroom. Further pupil-led assemblies take place during the week looking at topics including cyber-bullying.