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House Song Competition

To mark the end of the first half of Autumn Term, pupils came together for the House Singing Competition. 

Pupils set out to impress adjudicator Mr White, Director of Music at Royal Grammar School, Guildford and the competition began with the Part Song programme, which saw a select number of pupils from each house performing acapella. During a brief interlude for Mr White to consider the performances, pupils gave rapturous applause and support to a surprise staff ensemble performance.

The results of the Part Song saw Haslewood in first place with their performance of ‘Crazy’ (Gnarls Barkley), followed by Montgomery in second, and South and East in respective joint third place.  Mr White remarked that he was astounded with the quality of the performances.

Following the Part Song half, each house then performed with all pupils. There were some wonderful performances – including an entertaining visit from Shrek and Donkey during the West House performance of ‘I’m A Believer’ (The Monkees). Gloucester won with their rendition of ‘Be My Baby’ (The Ronettes), followed with West in second place and South and Haslewood in joint third place.