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Enrichment Day

On Thursday 13 February, pupils enjoyed the second Enrichment Day of the academic year. Pupils experienced a vast array of activities, which explored a range of skills. From learning about wildlife, history and geography, to flying with the RAF – the Enrichment Day activities are a fantastic way to develop and explore subjects from a different perspective.

Lower Third pupils travelled to the London Wetland Centre in Barnes to discover more about this unique habitat. Alongside learning about a variety of wetland wildlife, their adaptations and the increasing impact of climate change on their behaviour, pupils enjoyed seeing otters being fed, and had some close encounters of their own!

One half of the pupils in Upper Third enjoyed an exciting day in London visiting the SeaLife centre, followed by a guided riverboat cruise along the Thames and an educational workshop aboard the London Eye. Pupils learnt about the history of many of the buildings on the bank of the Thames as well as its bridges. The weather was remarkably good, allowing for breath-taking views across London’s skyline. The remaining half of Upper Third pupils enjoyed an exhilarating trip to iFly in Basingstoke, where pupils spent time in a science seminar and workshop and then had the fantastic opportunity to put their skills into practice during a session of indoor skydiving. 

Fourth Form travelled to the River Tillingbourne, guided by the Juniper Hall field centre staff to investigate the downstream changes in the river at three different sites (some muddier than others!). Despite the challenging weather conditions, the pupils got to experience some real geography in action and remained cheerful despite the soggy socks and chilly toes! They will be able to apply this experience in class as they are currently studying river processes and landforms.

Pupils in Fifth Form and Sixth Form enjoyed an array of Enrichment Activities including a  ‘Day in the life of a pro athlete’ for pupils studying in the Elite Athlete Programme, which included strength and conditioning, a nutrition workshop, media training, fitness testing, a skills session and recovery.

CCF pupils enjoyed spending time with their cadet unit, with a small group of pupils taking on the exciting challenge of flying at RAF Benson in Oxfordshire, completing approximately half an hour each! Cadets flew in a Grob Tutor plane and were taken through the controls, allowed to fly the plane themselves and also performed some aerobatics, including the dizzying loop the loop!

Lower Sixth pupils enjoyed a visit to the University of Sussex to learn more about their choices and decisions with regards to University. The pupils attended targeted sessions to support them in their university application process.