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Change Starts With Us

Anti-Bullying Week is a nationwide annual event which ran from 11-15 November and this year the theme was 'Change Starts With Us'. Pupils at St John’s marked the week by focusing on kindness, respect and tolerance, which are at the heart of our school community.

On Tuesday, pupils and staff took part in Odd Socks Day, wearing odd socks and painting their nails different colours to celebrate individuality, highlight the fact that we are all unique, and promote inclusion.

Kindness is our core value at St John’s, and therefore World Kindness Day on Wednesday 13 November was an occasion to be celebrated. Along with the Seven Pillars of Kindness that have been introduced to the St John’s community this year, staff and pupils were encouraged to incorporate random acts of kindness into their day. Examples included baking for friends, giving chocolates, writing limericks and delivering thoughtful notes.

We finished the week by creating our own special day, Gratitude Day. Pupils and staff sought out people they wanted to thank and did so either in person or with a handwritten note. Being grateful to those who help us underpins kindness and promotes a feeling of worth and belonging in the community.

Dr Ewan Laurie, Deputy Head, commented: “It was fantastic to see the whole school community getting involved and displaying kindness across the week. In a world where acts of unkindness and intolerance are ever-present, it is more important than ever for us to instil kindness in our pupils and across our school. It is our role to develop a kinder generation of adults. Our pupils recognise that they achieve more in all aspects of life when they have the support of others, which is why the St John’s community is ultimately about belonging and feeling valued.”