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Revolting Rhymes

St John’s Performing Arts Department have had a fantastic year of productions, concerts, musicals and showcases.  This academic year’s final major project was the Lower School Play, a chance for our youngest pupils to shine as they brought the inspirational imagination of Roald Dahl to the Performing Arts Centre Auditorium with his children’s classic Revolting Rhymes on 18 and 20 June.  

The challenge of delivering this larger than life collection of poems brought an array of obstacles, which the cast tackled with energy and enthusiasm. The staff involved could not be more proud of their fantastic achievement and breakout performances.  Dahl parodies six classic fairy tales, ridding them of their happily ever after endings for some surprising conclusions including a bratty turn from Cinderella whose prince has a tendency to chop of heads, a collection of gambling addicted dwarves, a foul-mouthed Goldilocks and a pistol wielding Red Riding Hood. 

A talented group of pupils devised a wraparound story, allowing the individual tales to interweave seamlessly and creating production that was unique to St John’s pupils’ interpretation. The production closed with a fabulous rendition of Revolting Children from Matilda the Musical, performed by the Lower School Choir, with additional showstopper elements by some fantastic gymnasts. 

The Lower School play was a stunning triumph and a fantastic showcase of the Lower School pupils’ many talents, allowing the St John’s Performing Arts Department to end the year on a real high. 

St John's pupils perform