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Polished Performances

It has been a hive of activity in the the St John’s Drama Department this term, as pupils from both GCSE and A level cohorts tirelessly rehearsed and prepared for their practical exam assessments.

On Thursday 28 February, the GCSE drama pupils produced outstanding performances for their practical exam assessment. Head of Academic Drama, Mr Garbett, commented: “Pupils have worked extremely hard throughout the rehearsal process and produced sophisticated and powerful performances in front of an external examiner. We hope that they are justly rewarded for their efforts and that the Lower Fifth drama cohort, who were in attendance as an audience, are inspired to create their own performance work with the same level of skill and diligence that these young actors have shown.”

On Wednesday 6 March, the Upper Sixth drama pupils gave a sensational, ensemble performance of Mark Ravenhill’s seminal play ‘Pool (No Water)’ in which a famous artist invites her old friends to her luxurious home and new swimming pool. For one night only, the group is back together, pretending to be bohemian and carefree even though they’re all older now and the rest of them don’t have pools. But a horrific accident brings an abrupt end to the nostalgia.

The group worked tirelessly to weave the complex and sophisticated subject matter of the play into a performance that was by turns powerful, philosophical and provocative. Following the group performance, each pupil performed a monologue to an engaged examiner and audience from such varied texts as ‘Love of The Nightingale’, ‘Fleabag’, ‘People, Places and Things’, ‘Posh’, ‘The Laramie Project’ and ‘Spidermen’.

Mr Garbett commented: ‘The pupils are to be congratulated on their dedication, hard work and creativity in what was their last academic drama performance at the School.’