During the first week of the academic year, our new Lower Third pupils enjoyed an adventure filled two days spent enjoying fun activities at school and at High Ashurst Outdoor Education Centre, Dorking.

The Lower Third induction trip is always a wonderful way to encourage pupils to meet new friends, learn new names and come together as a cohort with team building activities. This year, although we were unable to provide the usual overnight stay, we were determined to deliver the same quality, fun experience for our youngest pupils. They spent a day at High Ashurst and a day at St John’s but a very different kind of day to the norm!

Pupils and staff were in high spirits as they enjoyed a fantastic two days filled with activities such as climbing, high ropes, outdoor team tasks, a scavenger hunt around the School, ultimate frisbee and tower building – with only marshmallows and spaghetti!

Pupil highlights included:

‘My favourite part was the high ropes and the leap of faith at High Ashurst as I had never done it before’ – Alex

‘It was nice to get to know people who you wouldn’t normally speak to, I met new people across the whole year.’ – Alicia

‘Everyone had to work in a team and we had lots of fun!’ – Eve

Head of Lower School, Richard Harvey said: ‘The Lower Third induction trip was able to provide tutors and pupils the opportunity to get to know each other as a year group, start to form new friendships and for some, with the trip to High Ashurst, conquer a fear of heights! This year, more than ever, it has been so important for the pupils to have that opportunity whilst navigating one way systems, year group bubbles and a new school routine. I was delighted to see them all take everything in their stride and the Lower Third tutors were instrumental in facilitating that.’