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The Seven Pillars of Kindness

Kindness is the most cherished value of our St John's community.  The Seven Pillars Of Kindness underpin how we think, interact and behave on a daily basis.

  1. We are essentially a family and should behave as such; treat others as you would wish to be treated: with friendliness, courtesy, tolerance and respect.
  2. Make it your goal to carry out at least one purposeful act of kindness every day: greet people with a smile; hold open a door; share and include others; say thank you.
  3. Remember that simply listening to someone is often the greatest kindness you can offer.
  4. Our house system thrives on collaborative effort and friendly competition. Take pride in your house and its achievements without denigrating other houses.
  5. Banter that hurts or upsets other people is called bullying - whether or not that is your intention. Think about the impact of what you say and do: in school, at home and online.
  6. Kindness always involves empathy – seeing the world from another’s point of view - and frequently takes courage.  It may involve opening up your own feelings to others or standing up for somebody in difficulty.
  7. Kindness benefits everyone – those who display it and those who receive it – and it’s catching, too: kindness encourages kindness.  Being kinder makes all of us happier and stronger.  So be kind - and feel better for it!