There is no shortage of ways in which St John’s pupils acquire, refine and develop their leadership skills during their time at the School. Our older pupils act as role models throughout their time at the School and in their final year of Sixth Form, alongside being representatives for their house, school and other co-curricular passions, they have the opportunity to become an important part of the pupil leadership team.

School Captains work alongside an enthusiastic team of House Captains and Prefects to become ambassadors for the School and a voice for the pupil body. For the 2020-21 Academic Year, the start of term has been a little different to those we have come to expect. Whilst we haven’t been able to warmly welcome visitors to site to meet our school community, Jess and Nick, our new School Captains have been busily introducing themselves virtually during our Autumn Term virtual open events.

Without the opportunity to hear them talk proudly at school events, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce them to our wider community. In their own words, you can read below what it means to them, and what is involved with being a School Captain at St John’s.

Our time as School Captains

We have recently filmed a video that we would like to share with you, as we discuss what it is that makes life at St John’s so special.

School Captains are so important at St John’s as we are here to lead and act as role models for the St John’s community. Our role is wide ranging and it includes supporting the wellbeing of all our pupils. Moreover, the role provides an opportunity to soundboard and share the pupils’ thoughts, issues and suggestions to make our school life the best it can be.

Alongside organising assemblies, open events and working as a voice for the pupil body, we act as role models alongside the House Prefects. With each and every one of us being different, and with talents in multiple areas, we hope to provide positive inspiration and encouragement for pupils to pursue their aspirations.  

Our main hope for the academic year ahead is that we continue to focus on the strength of our community spirit. We also hope for a return to normality, whilst we ensure pupils can strive to be the best versions of themselves and achieve the best of their ability, given the circumstances of this year.

What does being School Captain mean to us?

Jess: I was keen to take on the role of School Captain because I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences to try to make the School an even better place than it already is. Having joined in the Fourth Form, I remember what it felt like to look up to the older pupils and I wanted to be that friendly face anyone could approach. Although it can be demanding to manage the commitments, as someone who thrives off a challenge, I have enjoyed every second of the role so far and I am grateful for the opportunity to fulfil it. 

I arrived at St John’s and immediately felt accepted for who I was, and I would like to leave the School knowing that I instilled that same sense of acceptance in others. St John’s is a friendly and safe environment to be oneself, and it is my wish to end my time here making others feel as proud as I am to have been a member of the St John’s community.  

Nick: The main reason I wanted to take up the role was because I wanted to give back to the School that has offered me so much, and given me the countless opportunities that have formed the person I am today. I also wanted to give back to the teachers who have gone above and beyond, whilst making sure my fellow peers and younger years have just as great an experience at St John’s that I have had.

Opportunities are everything at St John’s. There are so many various extra-curricular activities that you can get involved in, which help take you in any direction of life and will prepare you for higher education; it is these opportunities which are so important at St John’s.