We were delighted to welcome representatives from Unilever to deliver a fantastic Business Skills and Branding Workshop to our Lower Sixth pupils, on Monday 18 October.

Lower Sixth pupils recently applied to take part in the Unilever workshop, and were selected based on the passion and interests reflected within their application.

During the workshop, pupils worked in teams of four, choosing one of the brands affiliated with Unilever (Persil, Simple, Impulse, Walls or Hellman’s) and their first task was to design an innovative new product, taking account of factors such as: costings, unique selling point, target market, packaging design and advertising, and also focusing on fitting it with Unilever’s sustainable, environmentally friendly approach

Pupils then had to create and deliver a pitch of their product to the Unilever panel of judges, putting their public speaking skills to the test. Following their pitch, they then had to answer questions about their product – testing their ability to perform under pressure!

All the pupils worked well together, and produced excellent, workable ideas but the winning team, consisting of Daisy, Asantewaa, Katie and Jonny, stood out with their innovative perfume product ‘DuoPulse’. Their idea was to combine two different perfume scents, one spray and one roll-on, in a two-way bottle which was small enough to carry around. Their team aimed to make the brand Impulse more gender-neutral, as well as providing an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and versatile product.

‘It was a really great experience and gave me a real insight into the world of business’. – Lara

‘It was really interesting to hear from the professionals and helped me think about what path I might want to pursue in the future’. – Daisy

‘I really enjoyed the workshop, it was exciting, hands-on and helped me gather knowledge about the business world’. – Asantewaa

Following the product design and pitches, the group learned more about Unilever’s values, ethos and approach to business, as well as the different possible pathways they might take if they wanted to work in the company.

‘The representatives from Unilever were hugely impressed with the pupils’ enthusiasm, energy, and quality of ideas; they are truly the innovative business minds of the next generation. We are grateful to Unilever for providing the workshop, and giving pupils an insight into their business, whilst providing great inspiration for our pupils’ futures’ – Head of Careers, Louise Teunissen