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  • 13/01/22

    New Year, New Shoots

    I’ve said before that I’m not really a fan of the hype which inevitably accompanies the start of a new year. But as we returned to school this week and I prepared for our first assembly of 2022, I did pause to think about the year we’ve said goodbye to and the one which lies ahead...
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  • 06/12/21


    In a chapel address last week, our School Chaplain Reverend Moloney spoke about the tragic recent drowning of migrants in the English Channel.  He quoted Michael Morpurgo’s imagined tale of a migrant child rescued from a dinghy, and left us with the question on his mind: are we a welcomin...
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  • 22/11/21


    We began this week together again in Chapel – pleased that our Covid numbers are low enough that we’ve been able to reduce the control measures which have kept us in smaller groups for so long. When I’m not the person addressing our pupils and staff in Chapel, I’m usually sit...
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  • 20/10/21

    What Geese Know About Teamwork

    At a recent assembly for our Lower School pupils, I asked them to ponder a couple of questions.  I wanted to know who they consider the most important person in Lower School to be, and who the most important person in the whole school might be. 
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  • 20/09/21

    Good or Bad

    What would your response be if I asked you whether humans are intrinsically bad or intrinsically good? Hold that thought.  
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  • 07/09/21

    High Hopes

    With much excitement, we have returned to school to begin a new academic year.  The start of a new school year always fills us with a sense of optimism and anticipation – so much to look forward to and so much promise ahead.
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  • 10/06/21

    Introvert & Extrovert

    In recent weeks, a story about Naomi Osaka, the women’s number two tennis player, has been making headlines after she withdrew from the French Open following her decision not to participate in the tournament’s media obligations. 
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  • 20/05/21


    Last week (10-16 May 2021) was mental health awareness week. It is an annual event that creates an opportunity for the whole of the UK to focus on achieving good mental health. The event has grown to become one of the biggest awareness weeks, across the UK and globally, and it aims to highlight the...
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  • 22/04/21

    The Value of Service

    We have returned to St John’s this week after an Easter holiday that combined both a sense of celebration when lockdown eased and a period of national mourning for the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip. The union flag flew at half-mast over school, as it did on buildings across the UK, until th...
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  • 10/03/21

    Bright Futures

    Last week was National Careers Week and it is also a time of year when many pupils are looking ahead and thinking about their futures – GCSE and A level options have recently been submitted by Fourth Form and Upper Fifth pupils, and university offers are imminent for our oldest pupils.  D...
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  • 10/02/21

    Celebrating Science

    As someone who loves science - and passing that love onto the young people I teach - the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11 February) is a good excuse to celebrate a topic close to my heart. I’ll say right from the start that I believe we should be striving for the day when th...
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  • 19/01/21


    We’re only a couple of weeks into the new term - and not much further into the New Year – but I have to say that it feels like longer. On Monday 4 January, our whole staff team were meeting (virtually) for an INSET day. We knew it’d be a slightly strange start to the term, we were...
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