Thursday 13 October saw pupils enjoy the first exciting Enrichment Day of the academic year. Enrichment Days are a valuable addition to the School calendar, providing opportunities for pupils to develop and explore a new range of skills and subjects from a different perspective, and to take part in team building activities.

Lower Third pupils enjoyed their first St John’s Enrichment Day, visiting Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Pupils visited multiple exhibitions including the Mary Rose Museum, HMS Victory and HMS Warrior, as well as a harbour tour boat trip. Pupils were also lucky enough to see the HMS Queen Elizabeth (Royal Navy flagship and largest in fleet) returning from sea! The trip compliments their studies of Tudor life and history, as well as appreciation of maritime and military history.

Upper Third pupils had a brilliant time watching Noughts and Crosses at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre. Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman is a fantastic dystopian novel, and the trip will enhance Upper Third pupils’ with their English lessons as they study dystopian literature this term.

Fourth Form remained at St John’s for the day, enjoying an exciting carousel of team-based activities including orienteering, film making and a fantastic quiz.

CCF pupils packed up their bergens and headed off on a 24-hour overnight Field Training Exercise! The first exercise as part of the CCF Army Section programme is Exercise First Strike, which saw cadets from the Lower Fifth and Sixth Form take part in a Field Training Exercise. Cadets were able to gain more experience in operating in the field and developing their basic military skills, including learning how to administrate themselves, develop their individual skills and work collaboratively in a team. Senior cadets spent time developing their battle skills through fire and manoeuvre exercises and building on their camouflage and concealment.

Lower Sixth pupils met with business and career industry experts through a carousel of workshops. Pupils put their skills into practice with mock interviews, and gained insights into entrepreneurship, social media for business, excellent study habits, and more skills that will equip them with tools for their studies, and future career paths.

Further trips for Upper Fifth and Upper Sixth pupils included a wide variety of exciting activities, from street art and graffiti workshops, sports simulation games, water sports and visits to the theatre, Science Museum and the Women in Business Expo at ExCeL London.