On Thursday 15 October, cadets in the Lower Fifth across all three sections (Army, Navy and RAF) took part in their first exciting field day of the academic year. This was a fantastic opportunity to immerse themselves in the activities of their chosen section and parade in uniform for the first time this year.

Cadets in the Army section faced a last-minute change of plan with their activities being relocated across the School grounds. Nevertheless, the Lower Fifth section, which is 82 strong, were able to take part in a variety of lessons to improve their basic military skills. Amongst a variety of challenges they learned how to create a two-person shelter, how to cook and administrate in the field as well as how to camouflage and conceal themselves. Before lunchtime they took part in a games session whilst the staff prepared for an afternoon of further activity including shooting, navigation, and further familiarisation with the syllabus.

Those in the Navy section enjoyed a varied day of activities, taking part in a swim test and achieving their ordinary cadet status with the entire section having successfully completing their first exam. The small yet dedicated group of RAF cadets in the Lower Fifth were able to complete some basic first aid training, learn about airmanship and some basic drills. Cadets in both the RAF and Navy sections even managed to take part in some shooting as part of the day rounding off a fantastic enrichment day.

A special thanks goes to all the staff members involved in delivering a successful and enjoyable day for all the cadets from Major James Hewitt, CCF Contingent Commander.