The St John’s Careers Convention took place on Monday 3 October, and saw over sixty representatives in attendance to meet our Upper Fifth, Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth pupils.

The main aim of the evening was for pupils to find out more about a wide range of careers, both familiar and unfamiliar, and to network confidently with those representing different professions.

We were incredibly grateful to the fantastic range of sixty representatives who participated and provided invaluable contributions to pupils’ research into their next steps. Several visiting representatives were former pupils (OJs), parents and members of our local community. It was amazing to see so many career paths represented, from science, technology, medicine, healthcare, business, finance, project management, law, people management, education, and the creative industries.

Pupils were encouraged to find out more about what working in certain careers involve, and network for future opportunities such as work experience.

Pupils were polite and inquisitive, and we are pleased that they found the evening informative, and inspiring. They will use their newfound knowledge and advice of the careers market to inform their decisions about their future choices.

‘I’m glad I stayed at school in the evening for the Careers Convention because it was fantastic, and I have a much clearer idea of my choices for the future’.

‘The representatives were genuinely trying to help and give the best possible answers. They were also very honest about their jobs and how they got to where they are’.

The representatives were highly positive about their interactions with our pupils, who they saw as mature, interested and well informed.

‘The St John’s Careers Convention was a hugely enjoyable evening. It was clear that pupils had invested some time to prepare some very smart questions to either learn more or further qualify their interest in a chosen career’. 

‘We were proud to be there representing our respective professions and to be able to contribute to such a well organised, professional, and busy event. We were delighted to talk to so many well-mannered and interested students and to experience the real buzz in the sports hall for the whole two hours’. 

‘I really enjoyed doing my stint at the Careers Convention last week. I met with some charming young people from Upper Fifth through to Upper Sixth and they all asked interesting questions during our conversations’. 

 ‘I thought this event was brilliant. The pupils and parents who attended the event were lovely to engage with and had a genuine interest in learning more about the police. One pupil even attended our open evening at Surrey Police the following day to speak to someone from our Forensics Team directly’.

 ‘I was just so happy to help out on Monday and it was a fantastic event. All the pupils were so engaged, asking great questions with interest and enthusiasm’.

 ‘I thoroughly enjoyed returning to St John’s for this brilliant event. It was fantastic to see how much the school has changed in the six years since I was a pupil. It was great to speak to the current students, who all came prepared with excellent questions. I’m really glad to see St John’s is preparing their pupils for life after school with invaluable opportunities like this to help them in their future careers’.