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The Head's Blog

September 2020

  • 30/09/20

    What does success look like?

    At a recent school assembly, I asked our pupils what they would want to have happened in their lives by the age of 25 for them to view it a ‘success’. As a headteacher I probably spend more time than most thinking about the importance of aspiration and working hard to achieve goals. We w...
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  • 16/09/20


    What springs to mind when you read the word ‘tribe’? Do you think about groups of people living in remote areas of the world who, by choice or by chance, have remained dislocated from much of the rest of human society? Or do you recognise that although that definition is one anthropologi...
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  • 02/09/20

    Disrupting or a Disruptor?

    At the start of every school year, I talk to our pupils on a topic that feels relevant to our community but that also has a wider resonance. This year my start of year assembly was a little different from normal. For a start, I was even more excited than usual to be welcoming pupils to the new acade...
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