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  • 28/02/19

    Be 10% Braver

    Sometimes we learn something about ourselves when we’re least expecting it.  During the February half term holiday, I was lucky enough to go skiing with my family.  Much as I was looking forward to it, I came to skiing as an adult and my desire for self-preservation has always outwei...
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  • 06/02/19

    Decisions, decisions...

    Last week I watched ‘The Imitation Game’ which, with some Hollywood ‘artistic licence’, tells the story of Alan Turing’s recruitment, in 1939, to the newly created British intelligence agency MI6 to crack Nazi codes, including the supposedly unbreakable Enigma and it sp...
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  • 17/01/19

    The Problem of Perfectionism

    Perfectionism is a topic which has received a lot of attention in recent years, especially amongst those of us who work with children, and I’ve recently been talking to our pupils about what it might mean to them.
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  • 12/12/18


    As we marked the start of Advent earlier this month in chapel, our Chaplain, Revd. Maloney, threaded the message of hope through the service and quoted Desmond Tutu, the former Archbishop of Cape Town, who has lived through one of the darkest times of the last 50 years, who wrote “Hope is bein...
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  • 09/11/18

    We Will Remember Them

    This week our school community will come together in Chapel to remember those who have died in war and, in particular on this occasion, to mark the fact that 100 years has passed since the end of the First World War at the 11th hour of the 11th day in the 11th month 1918. 
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  • 16/10/18

    Nurturing Creativity

    The World Economic Forum has suggested that creativity is becoming an increasingly important skill in the modern workplace.  Ranked as the tenth most important skill in 2015, their prediction is that creativity will have jumped to third place in the list of skills needed to thrive by 2020...
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  • 14/09/18

    The Importance of Kindness

    In my address on the first day of term this academic year, I asked our pupils to be kind to one another.  When I looked at my twitter feed later that day, I saw a tweet from Dr Laurie, Deputy Head, (@stjohnsdephead) which said ‘If you can be anything in life be kind’. Kindness is pr...
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  • 03/09/18

    Can You Change the World?

    In a busy school year, we can all occasionally be guilty of focussing on what is immediately in front of us, whether that is revising for a major test, rehearsing for a big production or even daydreaming about the next holiday.  But from time to time something snaps us out of this short-term at...
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