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  • 04/12/20

    Be a Light in the Darkness

    This week saw the start of Advent, a time of hope for Christians as the Church moves towards Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ.  At services across the world in December, that hope is expressed when the reading from John 1 is heard.
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  • 11/11/20

    Why We Remember

    On Remembrance Sunday this year many households stood silently on their doorsteps at 11.00am to remember those who have died in war and today – 11 November 2020 - we came together as a school community at St John’s to remember all who have been lost or affected by conflict through the ye...
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  • 16/10/20

    No Progress Without Challenge

    On Friday 16 October at St John’s we’re wearing red to mark Show Racism the Red Card’s annual Wear Red Day. This national day of action encourages schools, businesses and individuals to support antiracism education for young people and adults across the UK. In anticipation of this...
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  • 30/09/20

    What does success look like?

    At a recent school assembly, I asked our pupils what they would want to have happened in their lives by the age of 25 for them to view it a ‘success’. As a headteacher I probably spend more time than most thinking about the importance of aspiration and working hard to achieve goals. We w...
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  • 16/09/20


    What springs to mind when you read the word ‘tribe’? Do you think about groups of people living in remote areas of the world who, by choice or by chance, have remained dislocated from much of the rest of human society? Or do you recognise that although that definition is one anthropologi...
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  • 02/09/20

    Disrupting or a Disruptor?

    At the start of every school year, I talk to our pupils on a topic that feels relevant to our community but that also has a wider resonance. This year my start of year assembly was a little different from normal. For a start, I was even more excited than usual to be welcoming pupils to the new acade...
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  • 18/06/20

    Black Lives Matter

    Last week, the Chaplain wrote in his chapel address in response to the Black Lives Matter movement that ‘his prayer over the last two weeks has been that we would all seek to treat each other with greater compassion and acknowledge our mistakes when we fail to do so’. This week, respondi...
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  • 20/05/20

    Living Life to the Full

    During this strange time, in which teachers and pupils are physically separated, I’ve been starting each week with an assembly delivered by video. It is just one of the ways that we’re creating virtual connections across our school community and, last week, I asked our pupils what they t...
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  • 07/05/20

    VE Day 75

    In recent weeks, I have found myself thinking about the shared occasions we usually enjoy within school and I already know that, when we are able to be together again, I am going to appreciate those seemingly simple occasions even more than normal. At St John’s on St George’s Day, under...
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  • 09/03/20


    Sunday 8 March, marked International Women’s Day and this year’s theme focuses on equality.  Equality is such an eminently fair and sensible concept that it seems odd that we still have to make this point in 2020: but we do. The scope of debate currently taking place about...
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  • 23/01/20

    Human Resolve

    As I mentioned in my last blog, I’m not a big believer in new year’s resolutions but I do want to give some thought to the more powerful concept of human resolve.  While a degree of human resolve is needed to stick to a new year resolution, resolve is actually a quality that we migh...
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  • 09/01/20

    New Year, New Connections

    The close of one year and the start of another often makes us reflect on what has been and what lies ahead, despite the fact that none of us really changes significantly as the minute-hand passes midnight and the new year begins. I have never been a fan of the hype around New Year’s Eve but I...
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