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Entry into Lower Sixth (Year 12)

A level options booklet

For pupils in Year 11 (and their parents) wishing to find out more about the courses offered please refer to the A level options booklet.

Selection for entry at 16+ into the Lower Sixth is made on the basis of recommendation from an applicant’s current head and predicted GCSE results. Candidates will also take an online academic assessment (verbal and non-verbal reasoning) and have 2 interviews, one of which will be in a subject they wish to study at A level. All candidates are asked to submit a CV.

A completed registration form and a registration fee of £100 should be submitted prior to the assessments and interviews which take place in November of Year 11. Late applications, however, are considered thereafter, subject to availability of spaces.

Sixth Form applications for entry in September 2019 must be received by 15 October 2018.

The date of the assessment for 2019 entry is Tuesday 13 November 2018.

All pupils entering the Sixth Form at St John’s, including those already at St John's in the Upper Fifth (Year 11), are expected to achieve at least 3 A grades or better at GCSE level. In addition, the School will use a system of tariff points to reward achievement of A* grades. The system is as follows:

  • A* grade = 8 points, A grade = 6, B grade = 5, C grade = 4 (no points will be awarded for grades awarded below a C).
  • For those pupils sitting GCSE mathematics and English under the new 1-9 grading system the following points will apply: 9 = 9 points, 8 = 8 points, 7 = 6 points, 6 = 5 points, 5 = 4 points, 4 = 3 points (no points will be awarded for grades achieved below a 4)
  • Pupils taking 10 GCSEs will be expected to achieve 51 points for entry into the Sixth Form. Those taking 9 GCSEs will be expected to achieve 46 points.
  • In certain subjects, pupils will normally be required to have achieved an A grade at GCSE level to follow that subject at A level. Pupils sitting mathematics under the new grading system will be required to achieve a 7 at GCSE level to follow this course at A Level.

On acceptance of the place offered, a deposit and fee deposit are payable. These are subject to the School’s terms and conditions as listed in the parent contract and parent handbook (available on our school policies' page). If a pupil’s performance at GCSE is unsatisfactory and regrettably we are not able to confirm a place, the deposit will be refunded. Parents should note that, on accepting a place, they become liable for the first term’s fees if they do not subsequently take up the place.

All Lower Sixth pupils can expect to proceed to the Upper Sixth in order to complete their A level courses.